About The Founders

Scott Friesen & Levi Benkert

Scott has always been thinking outside the box. He has a gift for business and successfully navigating the deep waters of entrepreneurship – developing business plans, generating sales and implementing structures that successfully produce results. He has done this numerous times over the years in the technology and media sectors, holding multiple founder and executive level positions since 1998. He’s successfully exited four of his US companies. He was considering settling into early retirement until he met Levi.

Levi has been building successful, sustainable businesses since 1999. From his first venture creating a chain of coffee houses to developing an environmentally focused urban real estate development company in California, he is skilled at conceiving new business ideas, implementing the plans and then driving the ventures to success. In 2009, he and his wife decided to take their family to Ethiopia to work toward something that would eventually change the lives of many. They formed Bring Love In, a not-for-profit orphan care organization whose goal is to train up future leaders for Ethiopia. They partner with local governments and take children from orphanages and place them with local widows within the community. Levi has published a book, No Greater Love that details his experiences in moving his family to Ethiopia and what they learned along the way.

The intersection of Scott and Levi came through their mutual interest in helping the poor and marginalized. Once they got to know one another well, Verdant Frontiers was then born of their joint passion to create sustainable, profitable businesses in places where they can make a lasting impact for good. They are now working to become a catalyst for an industrial and agricultural revolutions in every market they serve. Both Scott and Levi plan to continue this work for the rest of their lives.